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Agile Project Management such elemnts as Scrum, Kanban and similar are increasing includes or mixed with classical principles PMBok [ the world's leading standards organization Project Management Institute ] in project management for web development / marketing strategy

In the 21st century, Agile - a flexible approach of doing business, it is the philosophy and culture of modern companies

Principles of Agile - is a constant focus on customer value, ease of implementation, rapid adaptation to changing conditions, joint work (often remote) different experts in a team, etc. On practice Agile transformed into a well-known technique [ Lean - is widespread in industrial enterprises; SCRUM - is practically standard of software development in the IT industry ]

Solutions we use when working with clients

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Our responsible person is an entry point to all departments and individuals responsible for implementation of the project. Exact this project manager is responsible for timing and quality of final realization. This managers who are responsible for the project are experts and usually have several years of experience in customer product category. The priority of our work is to respect agreements and trust of our customers.

agile lifecycle
Scrum, Kanban board

Possible options:

  • Briefings
  • Timing control
  • Control of draft proposals
  • Organization of meetings, preparation of contacts reports
  • Project start-up control
  • Tracking a results of campaign - providing of adjustments
  • Participation in client's meetings
  • Providing reports with detailed recommendations
  • Provision of necessary documents
  • Consultation on the project

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Our competence
  • Sales

    We are focusing on issues important for a client, offering the best scenarios of development any ideas and promotion them to market. Participation of us and our partners in work on projects guarantees high quality results, a fresh look at your business and market solutions. Strategic approach allows to transform intermediate analytics in recommendations and specific plans

  • Web/ Mobile/ VR

    Based on our experience you will get modern technology solution based on best practices in web-development, mobile applications, interactive technologies. Successful experience of resolving technological problems in markets like Russia and abroad allows us to undertake projects of any kind. You will get the best possible options!

  • SEO/ SEA/ Web

    We are able to quality optimize and promote web sites on the Internet in order to increase their lead generation, improvement in search results [ Google, Yahoo ] and as a result - growth of sales. We analyze existing projects in order to their optimization also


    So your web site is created and optimized, but alas, it is only 50% of its success, now the most important thing - its effective promotion on the Internet. Using our experience and gain practice including in social media [ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ] we will quickly convey to consumers all your information and convert it into sales!

  • Design
    and creative

    We are bravely undertakes for any even the unexpected idea applying best practices in web-design, user experience and soft-engineering. Finely honed skills, competence, good taste and the desire to make the best result for the client!

  • Client

    Management [agile] projects, reputation management, brand building, event-marketing ... all for our loved customers! A global network of experts offers to our clients best global practices and markets

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