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Brand Style [ Visual Style Guide / Brand Bible ] complete visual identity of all communication points of your company with your clients. By elements of corporate identity means the combination of trademark, logo, corporate colors, fonts and their use in the design

Logo, business cards, website, packaging, etc. - are points that connect your company with existing or potential customers.

And in each of these must present the spirit of your company/ type/ image through which client will receive message with an idea, aspirations and values enshrined in your brand. Thus forming your identity, generate brand awareness and so forms the basis for the future of building brand loyalty among your customers.

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

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One of the most essential documents any business can have is a brand style guide, yet many don’t have one. Style guides (or brand bibles) contain all the necessary information to create whatever your company needs. Whether it be a website, advertisement, internal memo, or whatever else, this little document will make your life a breeze

Customers and employees can build up emotional attachments to certain brands, allowing for strong loyalties and even a sense of ownership. Successful branding is about promoting your strengths. Start by thinking about what you're good at and what you believe in as a business

Every business wants to be a customer's first choice. Building and managing a brand can play a significant part in making that happen. What drives your customers? What makes them buy? In most cases, it's not only about price or performance

Logo - the basis of the corporate identity it sets the primary colors, lines, and the general idea of the visual image of the brand. Therefore, the development the corporate identity begins precisely by the logo

Solutions we use when working with clients

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Brand Audit

Creating a portrait of target audience

  • consumer trends analysis
  • description of the "buyer's world"
  • identification of motivation to purchase
  • conducting joint workshop with the client to determine the development of the brand

Research and testing

  • carrying out of focus groups with customers
  • carrying out of in-depth interviews with executives
  • expert analysis of the research results

Determination of prospects of brand development

  • analysis of brand portfolio
  • definition of brand status
  • analysis of assortment positions
  • carrying out of workshop in conjunction with client



  • development of trends in brand development
  • building the brand platform
  • development a communication strategy

Visual communications

  • packaging design
  • design a forms of packaging
  • logo design
  • development of corporate identity
  • creation of brand-characters
  • photographing and fudstayling
  • development of key images
  • design materials at points of sales
  • website development
  • brand book development

Verbal communication

  • development the brand name (naming)
  • slogan development



  • preparation of job files
  • preparation of technical drawings
  • creating a packaging prototypes
  • consultations about production
  • author's supervision

Legal support

  • patent verification
  • consultations of patent attorneys
  • technical specifications and prototypes registration


  • consultations on branding
  • trainings for working with the brand
  • preparation of materials and analytics
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Visual Style Guide | brand style

To create a high-quality corporate identity we begin by gathering all the necessary information about your business, perform audits of the existing logo and corporate identity, creating a new concept and design

As part of the corporate identity we are also developing a guideline (a detailed description of the rules of use your new the corporate identity which is a must for your contractors in production of various brand and advertising materials) and Brand Book with drawing of maximum amount of advertising and other media to your the corporate identity

We specialize in corporate and product branding. We create an original graphic content required for making presentations, websites, official brochures and catalogs, annual reports and corporate calendars. People turn to us as for comprehensive solutions as well as for individual components

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    We are focusing on issues important for a client, offering the best scenarios of development any ideas and promotion them to market. Participation of us and our partners in work on projects guarantees high quality results, a fresh look at your business and market solutions. Strategic approach allows to transform intermediate analytics in recommendations and specific plans

  • Web/ Mobile/ VR

    Based on our experience you will get modern technology solution based on best practices in web-development, mobile applications, interactive technologies. Successful experience of resolving technological problems in markets like Russia and abroad allows us to undertake projects of any kind. You will get the best possible options!

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    We are able to quality optimize and promote web sites on the Internet in order to increase their lead generation, improvement in search results [ Google, Yahoo ] and as a result - growth of sales. We analyze existing projects in order to their optimization also


    So your web site is created and optimized, but alas, it is only 50% of its success, now the most important thing - its effective promotion on the Internet. Using our experience and gain practice including in social media [ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ] we will quickly convey to consumers all your information and convert it into sales!

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    and creative

    We are bravely undertakes for any even the unexpected idea applying best practices in web-design, user experience and soft-engineering. Finely honed skills, competence, good taste and the desire to make the best result for the client!

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    Management [agile] projects, reputation management, brand building, event-marketing ... all for our loved customers! A global network of experts offers to our clients best global practices and markets

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