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Corporate web-site

corporate [ business ] sites

Corporate [ business ] website very important marketing element of your business. Even if we are talking about creation of an ordinary website such as business card which will has only a few pages [ even one, so-called as landing page ] these pages should solve their tasks. If we are talking about a full web portal with a variety of services for customers, large amounts of useful information and documentation, the task is much more serious, and you need to treat it accordingly.
Ultimately your website - its a strategic marketing tool, and a long-term investment in development. And it should work perfectly

Such website may look very different, depending on the scope of the company, its size, geographical presence and format of communication with customers and partners. The most simple, commonly referred a small website, and the most difficult have fully functional of web-portal. But anyway, the creation of a corporate site is an important stage in the formation of corporate brand style. Therefore, errors made at this stage, often seriously harm of reputation.

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

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Website poorly indexed with the search results, absent in social media

Site visitors do not make requests, do not make calls, do not perform any other actions planned

Users will not wait until your web page will completelly load and leave your site and do not come back, even after repeated communication. A small amount at the same time coming to the site (not DDos-attack) able to "lay it down"

Existing company website (into which previously could be invested a significant funds) does not justify the expectations of the owner acting only as an expensive business card in Internet

Lack of communication with customers / suppliers / partners

Corporate [ business ] website

Tasks of corporate [ business ] website

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Complete point of sales for your business

Website gives you business advantage allows to optimize revenue by reducing costs, offering to customers best price by optimizing costs, perform maintenance, delivery, etc.

Day and Night: * 24/7 365 days a year

Unlike an offline business your corporate site is available every day and the hour, it works and generates new loyal customers and profits

Website has no geographical borders

Creating of website on the internet allows you to reach the maximum number of potential customers because the site isn't tied to a geographic point on the planet

Convenient selection of goods/ services, fast payment

Provides to customers a full range of services, they have an opportunity to explore all the features and make selection with a comfort at home. Payment online is instantaneous

Your website is the level of your company's business

Design and functionality of the site emphasizes the status and creates a certain image of the company. Technical characteristics of website determine the reliability and quality in the eyes of the customer

Website is a long term investment in your business

Stable operation of the website, meet the needs and expectations of your clients allow you to receive a guaranteed income for a long time

Cost of corporate [ business ] website


CMS + template


Малые сроки разработки, ограниченный функционал. Доработка шаблона + расширение функционала, если возможно, дополнительно
  • from 399 usd
  • from 3 days
  • content: standard pages from the client
  • adaptive design by template
  • template design (colors, logo): typical
  • template improvement (modules, layouts)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • typical template from list
  • UX, UI design, testing
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup


From functional to requirements


Website Designing is not present or it fixes the client requirements. website features are depends from CMS
  • from 899 usd
  • from 7 days
  • content: website structure + filling the site
  • adaptive design by template
  • template design (colors, logo): unique
  • template improvement (modules, layouts)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • CMS selected before developing
  • UX, UI design
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup


From requirements to functionality


Questions about the website relate to business, not requirements of the website. Concept of website is offered by developers, design (prototype) creates before a full web development
  • from 1 499 usd
  • from 15 days
  • content: website structure + filling the site + seo
  • unique adaptive design
  • template design (colors, logo): unique
  • template improvement (modules, layouts, html, scripts, css)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • CMS selected after prototype
  • UX, UI design, testing
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup
Small development period, quick startup, limited functionality. Template improvement + functionality extension, if applicable, additionally. Project Manager is not present or he is performing developing
Website Designing absent or it fixes the client requirements. Site features depend on the CMS. The project manager is working on the site, the need for work on the part of the customer after the completion of the project
Questions about the site relate to the business, not the requirements of the site. The concept of the site is offered by developers, complete design (prototype) made before design development. There is a description of project development procedures, roles are itemized
Any type of web development includes:
  • analysis of competitors
  • adaptive design [ all types of devices ]
  • selling and impressive design layout
  • multilevel catalog
  • news section, blog
  • feedback form
  • email kind: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • payments by cards and electronic money
  • keeping prices in any currencies [us dollars, euros, etc.]
  • analytic counters: Google Analytics
  • assistance in registering a domain name and web hosting selection
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  • Animation and Effects
  • Mobile App
  • Registration of regular customers, possibilities of chat
  • Compare selected items by characteristics
  • Specifies the minimum consignment
  • promo-codes system
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Filter by products properties
  • Maintaining a database of registered customers
  • Newsletter for registered customers
  • Personal account (for registered customers)
  • Internal seo-optimization of website for search engines
  • Data extraction for search engines: Data Scraper (Google)
  • Semantic markup (
  • Orders tracking
  • Packaging of goods, the choice of color, size, etc.
  • Integration with financial system
  • Connecting online consultant
  • Filling website with content
  • Online calculator
  • Update of goods from the supplier site (presence, new collections, prices)
  • Integration with CRM-systems
  • Recalculation of prices by Central Bank rate
  • Prices for different user groups
  • Selected products
  • Viewed products
  • SMS/ PushUp notifications
  • Multilingual
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Advantages of developing Corporate ( business ) website with us

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    Your website will look great, user-friendly and precisely remembered those who visit it

    All the latest trends of digital-marketing and web-based technologies that are appropriate to solve your tasks, we use the most effective. website will multi-platform and will be available on all types of devices - from wide-format desktop to mobile phones

    We do not offer you anything extra, but you get everything you need. Proceeding from experience we know for sure how it looks like best website for your service and model of sales

    Your website will «fly». It will be pleasant and easy to use both for your clients and employees, it will be able to withstand any load. Protection of business information is a priority because it is crucial to be sure at this point

    In addition, we can develop and integrate for you a mobile app. Such approach would have several advantages, including due to: the possibility of permanent contact with the customer in his mobile, speed and work outside the Internet zone

    We are creating your website based on a well thought-out sales funnel which provides a stream of customers and high conversion. It will contain detailed information about the company: services, projects, and other necessary documents

    We will provide full integration with all social media for the best display of content and user-friendly spread (share)

    Feedback forms with preservation message history. If necessary, integration with CRM / ERP-systems

    If you perceive the website as an important element of your business, you understand the need for its quality performance, we suggest you order the creation of corporate web-site with professionals.

    Cost of website depends on many factors and talk about the final price is valid only after the approval of the terms of reference (TOR).

    Order web development of corporate [ business ] website from us today!

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    Our competence
    • Sales

      We are focusing on issues important for a client, offering the best scenarios of development any ideas and promotion them to market. Participation of us and our partners in work on projects guarantees high quality results, a fresh look at your business and market solutions. Strategic approach allows to transform intermediate analytics in recommendations and specific plans

    • Web/ Mobile/ VR

      Based on our experience you will get modern technology solution based on best practices in web-development, mobile applications, interactive technologies. Successful experience of resolving technological problems in markets like Russia and abroad allows us to undertake projects of any kind. You will get the best possible options!

    • SEO/ SEA/ Web

      We are able to quality optimize and promote web sites on the Internet in order to increase their lead generation, improvement in search results [ Google, Yahoo ] and as a result - growth of sales. We analyze existing projects in order to their optimization also

    • SMM, SEM, PPC

      So your web site is created and optimized, but alas, it is only 50% of its success, now the most important thing - its effective promotion on the Internet. Using our experience and gain practice including in social media [ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ] we will quickly convey to consumers all your information and convert it into sales!

    • Design
      and creative

      We are bravely undertakes for any even the unexpected idea applying best practices in web-design, user experience and soft-engineering. Finely honed skills, competence, good taste and the desire to make the best result for the client!

    • Client

      Management [agile] projects, reputation management, brand building, event-marketing ... all for our loved customers! A global network of experts offers to our clients best global practices and markets

    Let's work!

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