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Our company is already implementing projects based on technologies such as:

  • Kinect [ earlier Project Natal ] gestures control;
  • VR: Virtual Reality;
  • AR: Augmented Reality;
  • persons and objects recognition;
  • 3D-visualization

to solve tasks in various industries. Depending on application it may be as a room / virtual reality booth and any non-standard system of virtual / augmented reality.

Interactive, VR solutions
Soon virtual reality devices will become as popular and functional, such as mobile phones. With these devices, users can watch movies and TV shows to attend public events and shopping. This means that virtual reality significantly enhance the ability of small and large businesses.

Fields of application interactive technology of virtual [ VR ]
and augmented reality [ AR ]

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  • $1.6 billion by 2025;
  • 32 million users;
  • VR-solutions are already being used in sales of goods, real estate and cars;
  • AR and VR technology will be used for sales of luxury goods
It expected a more intuitive and simplified user interaction level with technology. The scope of the Internet sales ($1.5 trillion per year) accounts for 6% of total world trade. Many exclusive online shopping is now preparing to start selling in a virtual or augmented reality. Over 70% of companies from Fortune100 and Interbrand100 list already used marketing solutions augmented and virtual reality, but it is too early to talk about full-fledged sales tool.
Market impact. The market of online software sales is estimated at $ 3 billion. Technology virtual and augmented reality can significantly improve sales results. With the help of virtual reality sellers can profitable to emphasize dignity of its products. Experts from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Euromonitor estimated the market for home goods at $180 billion, and the clothing market - $260 billion in Application of virtual technology will reduce the number of "real" offline stores.
Current examples of technology application:
  • Large shopping network products for house "Lowe" launched the Holoroom project in 6 of its stores. With the help of virtual reality technology Oculus buyers are able to assess future design of its kitchen or bathroom;
  • Microsoft has started cooperation with the car manufacturer Volvo: HoloLens technology helps customers choose the right vehicle configuration;
  • Clothing stores will use fitting rooms, equipped with of virtual or augmented reality technology, so customers can try things without touching them

  • $11.6 billion (by 2025);
  • 216 million users;
  • The most promising market of virtual reality;
  • High cost of creating a new game series (decreases with time)
The possible number of users. Virtual reality is completely immerses user in the game world, unlike augmented reality, which only makes some changes in the real world. The scope of video games for virtual reality technologies in priority, this contributes to the constant development of hardware and software development of game projects. players Community is looking forward to the emergence of VR-technology in the mass market.
Market impact. According to IDC, in 2015, the video game market is estimated at $106 billion. The influx of new users of technologies of virtual reality and augmented significantly increase this amount.
Computer & Video Games

  • 4.1 billion by 2025;
  • Sporting events, concerts and traveling;
  • Difficulty to obtain licenses for broadcasting
Another key area of development of virtual reality technology. With it, users will be able to experience the personal presence at public events - so it will be possible to solve the problem buy high-priced tickets. In the past, these disadvantages have tried to correct by means of radio or television, but virtual reality technology offers principle new methods for it.
Potential number of users. Number of users has been estimated using statistical activities already carried out in the usual format:
  • 715 million viewers watched broadcast of the World Cup in 2006;
  • 160 million viewers watched broadcast of the final game of the championship Super Bowl in 2015;
  • У телеканала ESPN насчитывается примерно 92 млн подписчиков
The most interesting matches and concerts you can attend from any part of the world, sitting in a comfortable chair in your living room.
Market impact. According to estimates of "PricewaterhouseCoopers" (international auditing company) profit in 2015 from sales of tickets to sporting events was $44 billion. Total profit of all sports activities carried out in 2015 was $145 billion, on purchase of exclusive rights on broadcasting was spent to $35 billion, $45 billion received from donors and $20 billion - from sales of souvenirs.

  • $3,2 billion by 2025;
  • 79 million users;
  • Inability to adapt existing content;
  • Creation of a new entertainment industry;
  • Necessity of special equipment
Using virtual reality technology will completely change already familiar to us film industry: users will be able to fully immerse in movie / show instead of watching it from the side.
Potential number of users. According to analysts from "Goldman Sachs Internet Team" at the Netflix channel is now 462 million subscribers. Using of virtual reality technology can not be called now a mass but with time situation will change radically. In the long term virtual reality is able to occupy a significant niche in entertainment video.

  • $2,6 billion;
  • 300 thousands of users by 2025;
  • Sotheby's has already uses virtual reality technology;
  • A key factor - further development of VR-content
virtual reality technology to attract customers in the sphere of real estate sales. Sotheby's Company conducts a test run function to view of housing in a virtual space. Innovation will seriously change the large-scale market.
Market impact. Annual turnover of real estate market is estimated at $107 billion, data obtained from official sources: Borrell Associates, Land Institute of Japan. US real estate market is estimated at $52 billion, Japan - at $38 billion, United Kingdom - at $9 billion, Germany - $8 billion. About 50% of the money in real estate is paid to owners, 17% is spent on advertising and promotion, and 30% - for realtors.

  • $1,4 billion by 2025;
  • 700 thousands of users;
  • VR technology for several years are used to prepare the US military specialists;
  • Testing of combat situations and first aid;
  • Emulate virtual war must be as realistically as possible
In 2012, the US Army began training using virtual reality technology. The latest technologies are used in training pilots, infantry and military medics and allow soldiers to be in conditions close to combat, without any danger to life and health.
Market impact. According to official sources (CAE) in 2015 software market for training of military specialists was valued at $9.3 billion, of which $3.8 billion was spent on pilot training. According to representatives of the US Air Force the application of virtual reality technology significantly reduces cost of training pilots (approximately $1.7 billion for 2012 - 2016). Technical solution for pilot training costs more than $10 million. However, using of VR and AR technologies should significantly reduce overall cost of the Ministry of Defence to prepare Air Force experts and it is just one of many ways to apply the latest technologies in the military sphere.

  • $4,7 billion by 2025;
  • 3,2 million users;
  • Working with paper and digital versions of drawings;
  • Possibility to test the design work in virtual space
Application of virtual technologies and augmented reality aimed at improving existing computer-aided design technology (computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided design). Engineers will be able to carry out preliminary testing of products in virtual reality, allowing to reduce final cost of the part. Forbes magazine reports that Ford Motors is beginning of introduction similar technologies in car production in 2000.
Market impact. Market sales of software for Design in 2015 was estimated at $20 billion, according to Research and Markets.

  • $5,1 billion by 2025;
  • 3,4 million users;
  • Technology virtual and augmented reality can be used in treatment of phobias;
  • Also, the technology will facilitate work of surgeons
Development may be slowed by the complexity of the legal issues and the creation of software. Applications of virtual and Augmented Reality in the field of public health: to facilitate the work of physicians, treatment of phobias and psychiatric disorders, conduct virtual methods.
Market impact. The market use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the health care system an estimated $16 billion.

  • $700 million by 2025 году;
  • 15 million users;
  • Apple has allocated for needs of the education system 8 million iPad for three years;
  • Google announced support for educational institutions Google Cardboard
By using virtual and augmented reality technology students of secondary and higher educational institutions will be able to interact with objects in virtual space or to participate in an important historical events. Google is free promoting in schools the project Cardboard, to beginning of 2016 is prepared more than 100 education programs. In addition to schools, the projects of virtual and augmented reality are interested in many medical educational institutions.
Market impact. In 2015 software market for education amounted to about $12 billion: $5.2 billion - school programs, $6.6 billion - for schools program.

Digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality more and more find solutions on this very bright for perception market. Volumes of the market is difficult to assess but it is possible to say with confidence - the most unusual and innovative technological solutions and ideas are coming from here.
At the same time many of leading companies have long been introduced into their marketing communications this kind of technology to reach maximum wow-effect and promoting luxury-brands on the market. As the most vivid examples: carmakers [ Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo ... ], Mariott, Louis Vuitton and others, almost all fashion houses

According to various forecasts, virtual reality will become part of the mainstream after 4-5 years.

By 2020, low-cost mobile VR-system will appear for many that will expand the use of virtual reality in business to get more accurate data and to adapt to a different categories of users.

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