Landing page

flexible web-page for a specific task

Landing page

mini-site for the specific purpose

Landing page The principal difference between the Landing and the usual website is that when developing Landing page solved one particular task. Therefore Landing - its in fact a mini-site. Its goal - to hold a user on a given route, tell everything he (she) need and to push a particular action such as purchasing a product

Literal translation means that landing page it is a page where "lands" a user who comes from advertising or search.

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

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Website poorly indexed from the search results, missing or ineffective in social media

Site visitors do not leave an application, do not make calls, do not perform any other actions planned

Users without waiting for a full load pages leave the site and do not come back, even after repeated communication. Even a small amount at the same time coming on website (not DDos-attack) able to "lay" it down

Lack of communication with customers / suppliers / partners

Advantages of Landing page

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High-efficiency: the conversion is higher than ordinary websites

Landing Page allows the customer to see the landing page immediately, without moving the site to search for information; enticing descriptions and capture are induce to action

Quickly created: the average development time from 5 days

Speed of Landing Page web-development lets not to leave out of business for a long time, not to lose potential customers

Saves user time: all the information on one page

Client sees all proposals and descriptions on the same page and immediately gets all needed information about a product/ service that interests him

Helps to sell

Client easily focused since received concise information, see required product / service and a call to action

Easily and quickly advertised

Allows you to configure the sms-advertising and e-mail distribution to the customer base, it gives a great effect using contextual advertising

Easy choice - a user reaches to the product page which was looking for

User don't need to move for several pages and loses time for viewing not interesting information for him (created for the search engines)

Landing page

Thus physically are excluded all other possible actions, which may lead a user from performing the planned action by Landing page owner.

By this it is somewhat similar to presentation. Development of Landing can be a challenge - at the junction of web design, marketing, psychology and neuro-linguistic programming [ NLP ]. Landing if done professionally works much better than the usual site. Conversion to clients from it usually more than 5% it is quite rare result for an ordinary website.

Landing page

Cost of Landing page


template design


  • from 350 usd
  • from 2 days
  • up to 5 logical blocks
  • adaptive design by template
  • template design (colors, logo): typical
  • template improvement (modules, layouts)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • content: standard pages from the client
  • UX, UI design, testing
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup


Individual design/ coding


  • from 750 usd
  • from 3 days
  • up to 8 logical blocks
  • adaptive design by template
  • template design (colors, logo): unique
  • template improvement (modules, layouts)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • content: website structure + filling the site
  • UX, UI design
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup


Exclusive design/ coding


  • from 1 450 usd
  • from 5 days
  • up to 12 logical blocks
  • unique adaptive design
  • template design (colors, logo): unique
  • template improvement (modules, layouts, html, scripts, css)
  • additional functionality (components, plugins)
  • content: website structure + filling the site + seo
  • UX, UI design, testing
  • web hosting setup
  • e-mail setup
Small development period, quick startup, limited functionality. Template improvement + functionality extension, if applicable, additionally. Project Manager is not present or he is performing developing
No designing of Landing page or it fixes the client requirements. Possibilities depends on the CMS
Questions on the site relate to the client's business not the requirements of the site. The concept of website is offered by developers
Each option for development will include:
  • analysis of competitors
  • adaptive design [ all types of devices ]
  • selling and impressive layout design
  • news section, blog
  • feedback form
  • analytics counters Google Analytics
  • assistance in registering a domain name and web hosting selection
  • E-mail kind: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  • Animation and effects
  • Mobile app
  • Registration of regular customers, chat capabilities
  • Promo-codes system
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Databases maintaining of registered customers
  • Newsletter for registered customers
  • Personal account (for registered customers)
  • Internal SEO-optimization website for search engines
  • Semantic markup (
  • Parallax effects and animation
  • Nontemplate slider, gallery, etc.
  • Unique icons, buttons, and so on
  • Orders tracking
  • Connecting online consultant
  • Filling website with content
  • Multilending and geo-targeting
  • Integration with CRM-systems
  • Online calculator
  • Recalculation of prices by Central Bank rate
  • SMS-notification
  • Multilingual
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Why is it better to order Landing page from us

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    We have a large enough positive experience in creation of Landing pages so with us you can count on:

    We will determine how optimally to pass through a customer to the correct decision

    To interest, to intrigue, to convince the right choice and loyalty - all of this we can do great:

    • Bright, memorable, motivating design and "catchy" texts in view of the weaknesses of your target audience;
    • Configured properly forms capturing and triggers on target action;
    • Continuous benefit analysis, conducting A / B testing to identify successful variants;
    • Fast and high-quality implementation, use of advanced web technologies;
    • Help in advertising and targeting to the desired target audience. We know exactly where to look for people who will like your landing page;
    • Attractive cost of work

    We analyze clients' actions at all stages of their passage through the sales funnel, identify which of them committed by failure and optimize this stage

    We create high-quality Landing Page that provides you with the required conversion, able to attract the customer and encourage him to commit the desired action

    website cost depends on many factors and talk about the final price is valid only after the approval of technical specifications.

    Order web development of landing page from us today!

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    Our competence
    • Sales

      We are focusing on issues important for a client, offering the best scenarios of development any ideas and promotion them to market. Participation of us and our partners in work on projects guarantees high quality results, a fresh look at your business and market solutions. Strategic approach allows to transform intermediate analytics in recommendations and specific plans

    • Web/ Mobile/ VR

      Based on our experience you will get modern technology solution based on best practices in web-development, mobile applications, interactive technologies. Successful experience of resolving technological problems in markets like Russia and abroad allows us to undertake projects of any kind. You will get the best possible options!

    • SEO/ SEA/ Web

      We are able to quality optimize and promote web sites on the Internet in order to increase their lead generation, improvement in search results [ Google, Yahoo ] and as a result - growth of sales. We analyze existing projects in order to their optimization also

    • SMM, SEM, PPC

      So your web site is created and optimized, but alas, it is only 50% of its success, now the most important thing - its effective promotion on the Internet. Using our experience and gain practice including in social media [ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ] we will quickly convey to consumers all your information and convert it into sales!

    • Design
      and creative

      We are bravely undertakes for any even the unexpected idea applying best practices in web-design, user experience and soft-engineering. Finely honed skills, competence, good taste and the desire to make the best result for the client!

    • Client

      Management [agile] projects, reputation management, brand building, event-marketing ... all for our loved customers! A global network of experts offers to our clients best global practices and markets

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