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Analysis and website improvement a complex of methods that allows to evaluate its effectiveness and to increase conversion. Efforts aimed to analyze the needs of visitors to a web-site, allow to increase their loyalty and therefore your profit

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

Problems, issues often faced by entrepreneurs

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Advertising campaigns lead on website target audience of users, but they do not become customers a low conversion

There is no motivating factors on website that can influence visitor to persuade him to convert to a loyal customer

Users are not interested by offerings on website and do not address to your company

Users will not wait until complete pages load and exit your website, do not come back even after repeated communication. A small amount at the same time coming on website (not DDos-attack) is able to "lay it down"

In descriptions do not specify distinctive or unique features

Members do not use of features proposed on website and do not buy

Analysis and website improvement
Audit task - to identify problems/ "tight" places on website with the aim of:
  • improve a pages load time [ web-hosting and maintenance ];
  • optimize content for search [ SEO: Search Engine Optimization, SEA: Search Engine Analytics ];
  • simplify user navigation on website [ UX: User Experience ]
  • most effectively to present requested information and products;
  • reduce the amount of user transitions from a [ landing page ] to target action page - ordering goods or make an application

High quality audit can increase usability and site conversion from several tens of percent, up to several times, depending on the initial state of website. Process of converting a visitor into a buyer is visually represented as sales funnel.

Analysis and website improvement

Solutions we use when working with clients

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During complex website audit revealed errors in the operation of an Internet resource. The aim of these activities is to improve the promotion of the resource and its indexation. SEO-optimizer should find defects timely and then to propose options for their elimination.
Technical audit functions
Using a technical audit possible to determine weaknesses of website due to which it is difficult to promote. The audit suggests checking:

  • correctness of code page;
  • level of hosting reliability;
  • cross-browsers options;
  • correctness of files: robots.txt, sitemap.xml;
  • presence of promotional information and other
Tasks of search audit
Search audit suggests an internal resource optimization. Existing work has a direct impact on the quality of the detection website in the search engines. Search engine audit suggests the analysis of:
  • level of uniqueness of content;
  • basic resource parameters;
  • presence of copies of the page;
  • commercial and other factors

Convenience of use of the resource is one of the parameters that affect the website's position in search results. Quality interface, attention to detail, is the best way to make users feel comfortable working with the resource, then they do not leave your site to competitors. Maximize of customer acquisition can possible due to website that does not makes you think and directs visitor view to the right place. As a result your income will be stable.
We will carry out an audit of usability identifying the status of your website:

  • reasons why visitors leave to competitors;
  • barriers to advancement in search engines;
  • difficulty with perception of pages and obtain the necessary information;
  • reasons for lack of sales;
  • clarity of structure
UX [ User Experience ] и UI [ User Interface ] design

When promoting the site links are quite an important factor, especially when we are talking about regions. Popular services is the audit of reference optimization. Its goal is to identify errors and correct them. We analyze, by which you can raise the position of the web resource in SERPs and make the product or service more visible to potential customers.
Main task of this service is to identify low-quality links leading to filtering in the search engines or ban includes:

  • evaluation of number and quality of outbound links and compare results with competitors;
  • study of scripts, doing harm;
  • anchor sheet analysis;
  • set of recommendations on how to disable spam;
  • revealing the hidden links to unwanted resources;
  • increasing traffic on the resource;
  • improving the efficiency of links mass;
  • changing of site positions in search engines;
  • disposal of unwanted links
Appealing to us, you will get quality audit conducted by experienced optimizers, which meets all requirements of modern search engines. All links will work on you

Search engine audit provides a detailed analysis of the online resource to identify problems that prevent output of website to higher positions in SERPs result. Quality of SEO-audit directly affects on the efficiency of website and the influx of target customers.
The purpose of SEO-analysis is to increase the number of users transition on your company's website and improve its position in SERP. Carry out it must in the following cases:

  • with low attendance and low sales;
  • due to poor SEO-audit in incompetent company;
  • if the number of purchases are much lower of website attendance
Professional analysis creates or corrects an algorithm of effective promotion on the web, provides a prompt and correct getting into search engines. You can determine the level of readiness of your website and start competition for a "place under the sun". Specialists will find all errors and identify potential risks. The result - a steady stream of customers and profit.

Just carrying out a competent marketing policy may provide an effective attracting new customers in your company. Its specificity can be determined by website audit by which determined position of the investigated object to obtain an estimate of the target consumer group. The result of this will simplify for you the task to decide about advertising campaign, as well as positioning of services and goods.
Stages of marketing audit:

  • carrying out of site analysis suggests the study of external indicators, the level of attendance of web pages etc.;
  • while investigation of market share are determined characteristics of website development and trends of the process;
  • competitors study - identifying their strengths and weaknesses, proposals, sales tools and other;
  • Study of the target group in order to identify types of customers and their workflows on the website
The result carried out works is to obtain effective plans for the further development of the business and you can:
  • improve website rating;
  • be ahead of the competition;
  • maximize the number of customers involved;
  • increase your sales

Analysis of website structure and its navigation, the presence of capture points, checking their efficiency.
A / B testing of pages. Analytics on the effectiveness of pages, conducting tests with amendments in content, structure, configured capture points, a comparison of results and conclusions

For businessmens focused always to be on top or the same level as the others it is very important to have information. Our experts will carry out for you the competitive analysis, the results of which revealed the following:

  • degree of consumer satisfaction;
  • strengths and weaknesses of companies that offer similar services on the market;
  • tools that can be used in competitive struggle
Using knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors sides can define the danger and avoid negative situations. The information obtained will allow to make the right and informed decision. Ordering our service you will receive a detailed report which will be revealed:
  • targets of competitors with their market share and position;
  • definition of strategy;
  • possible potential of existing competitors (technological and financial capacity);
  • business portfolio structure
Ordering a professional competitive analysis you will be able to increase own popularity, increase brand loyalty, as well as receive the influx of regular customers. Make your business a success!


Advantages of website analysis & improvement

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Determination of places on the website that do not work on attraction and motivation to purchase: absence or inefficiency of placing capture points, presence of uninteresting sentences, lack of benefits from the point of view of the client, etc.

Improvement of the structure, design, usability and behavioral factors [UX, UI] will allow to increase conversion of website, without the need for additional advertising media

Website contains information interesting to users, emphasizing the benefits for them, easy navigation, clear structure are highlights the company's dedication to the needs of its customers and making them more loyal to brand

Optimize the website structure, proper configuration of web server on hosting are able to increase multiply its speed and fault tolerance. It is also possible to pay special attention to the safety of your data

Website improvement

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