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Sales Strategy

all to increase the effectiveness of your sales


We will determine how your business objectives should "sound" to online campaigns, we find creative solutions that reach to your customers

Through a successful strategy you will save your marketing budget and will see the progress of the campaign in the long run.

Strategic [ digital ] marketing It includes all kinds of strategies and research needed for the detailed planning of presence on the Internet for a few months or for a period of product launch. Such strategies are developed individually and use the best practices in all areas [ media, SMM, context ]. The strategy answers to questions of the formation of knowledge, sales support or formation of loyalty

We can also include in the strategy off-line channels at the level of the core recommendations of making digital communication, thus covering 360 degrees of communication at all levels.

Strategic consulting

At the output, we provide an integrated finished product, which is a detailed plan for the implementation of all nodes of client campaign. The communication strategy consists of a combination of the following units:

Solutions we use when working with clients

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Analysis project

We segment the audience by various attributes and select the character of communication on the Internet as well as a strategy to work with the drivers and barriers of the client audience. In conducting research using TNS data, YouScan, IqBuzz, Google Analytics, Yandex and reviews from open source research and client data. This product is basic and used in the preparation almost all other services.

Research - is the first and one of the most important stages of the project before start of a project:

  • Analysis of a digital profile of a client audience
  • Amount of the audience - what media pressure can be allocated to a specific number of audience
  • Structure of the audience - a segmented target audience and what groups it include
  • Socio-demographic characteristics of the target audience: age, sex, social status, etc.
  • Preferences - what preferences and values peculiar to the target audience
  • On what sites a customer audience is maximally focused
  • Frequency of usage of the Internet and the network entry points
  • Factors of purchase decision - analysis of drivers and barriers of the target audience
  • Analysis of the current competitors online communication - positioning strategy, search engine visibility (up to 10 analyzes the activity of competing companies, fixed at the moment of the project)
  • Client product offers analysis based on the received information from him, information from open sources, information from TNS M`Index syndicated research data bases
  • Analysis of tone of audience appeal to product or to client's brand
  • Analysis of internal client metrics and traffic conversion
  • Content analysis of blogs and social communities
  • Analysis of seasonality of products consumption

Creative strategy

It answers the question with what idea need to go out within the communication

This product does not include media planning and detailed cost estimates for production, it solves the problems associated with the way the communication will be built with the user in the network:

  • Overview of market cases
  • Analysis of barriers and drivers of audience
  • Description of the preconditions for creation of a creative platform based on researches
  • Basic creative concept
  • Description of the mechanisms for implementation basic ideas in a variety of formats: banners, website, application, special projects
  • Examples of slogans, statuses (not final copyright)
  • Drawing ideas (not the final rendering, but understandable for decision making and perception)
  • Description of the company's strategic interaction nodes
  • Description of the formation of traffic flows within the campaign

In this product we will tell how to use the various formats (banners, applications, websites, groups, etc.) and solve the communication problem. Creative strategy is usually ordered when there is a new product launch or rebrand. Depending on the complexity of the product we provide a number of ideas, formats and depth of their elaboration.

Personal presentation to client - a desirable condition for creation of this product. Digital (digital) marketing, sales growth

Media Strategy of Promotion and Advertising

It allows you to accurately assess the level of costs and the number of required media pressure to perform tasks

For implementation of this product is required to use the service "Project Analysis" described above. Media strategy includes:
  • Description of digital profiles of all segments of customer target audience as well as such characteristics as: thematic targeting, susceptibility to various media tools, the frequency of presence online
  • Defining the core of target audience and its expansion
  • Selection of target segments for the impact of an advertising campaign
  • Formulation a media campaign objectives
  • Selection of media tools
  • Postulation of the phasing of implementation of media strategy
  • Presentation of platforms and media tools that are recommended for use in the campaign
  • Demonstration adaptation of creative concepts proposed to client for use in campaign
  • Preliminary report on the effectiveness of the project (PRE-Campaign Analysis)
  • Detailed media plan including the discounts, coverage, cost of contact
  • Calendar plan
  • KPI Forecasts

It can be as a tactical part of the communication strategy as well as self-service. Media strategy due to the correct frequency exposure and selection of high-quality resources capable to saving up to 40% of yours advertising budget! Media strategy is not include creative this service is used to better understand of tactics of the placement and volume of media pressure.

Post Campaign

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According to the analysis, we give specific recommendations for further advertising campaigns, in particular:

  • Reaching your audience
  • The effectiveness from frequency of displaying advertising messages
  • Conversion from creative of advertising message
  • Classic indicators: CTR,CPT,CPM (plan/ fact)
  • Intersections of audience
  • Data analysis of Google Analytics (conversion, goals, time, sequence)
  • Content analysis of brand mentions (YouScan, IqBuzz)

This analysis allows you to have a clear understanding of the correlation of planned and actual KPI. On the basis of this analysis we generate recommendations for future media activity. In conducting this analysis used metrics: Google Analytics, Yandex, own technology.

Strategic consulting

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Our competence
  • Sales

    We are focusing on issues important for a client, offering the best scenarios of development any ideas and promotion them to market. Participation of us and our partners in work on projects guarantees high quality results, a fresh look at your business and market solutions. Strategic approach allows to transform intermediate analytics in recommendations and specific plans

  • Web/ Mobile/ VR

    Based on our experience you will get modern technology solution based on best practices in web-development, mobile applications, interactive technologies. Successful experience of resolving technological problems in markets like Russia and abroad allows us to undertake projects of any kind. You will get the best possible options!

  • SEO/ SEA/ Web

    We are able to quality optimize and promote web sites on the Internet in order to increase their lead generation, improvement in search results [ Google, Yahoo ] and as a result - growth of sales. We analyze existing projects in order to their optimization also


    So your web site is created and optimized, but alas, it is only 50% of its success, now the most important thing - its effective promotion on the Internet. Using our experience and gain practice including in social media [ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ] we will quickly convey to consumers all your information and convert it into sales!

  • Design
    and creative

    We are bravely undertakes for any even the unexpected idea applying best practices in web-design, user experience and soft-engineering. Finely honed skills, competence, good taste and the desire to make the best result for the client!

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    Management [agile] projects, reputation management, brand building, event-marketing ... all for our loved customers! A global network of experts offers to our clients best global practices and markets

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